Tuesday 26 November 2013



  1. Beautiful lithops flower display. Interestingly, I've grown a lot of lithops over a lot of years, but I've never grown Lithops gesinae. You're plant certainly makes me wish I had. It's a lovely plant. It also appears to be a late flowering lithops, if these are recent photos. My lithops flowering ended last week with the last of the L. julii white flowers fading. I unfortunately don't have any L. optica. If you do, I hope you get great flowering with them this year. Thanks for sharing you great plants.

    1. The gesinae flowers where in October. I took the photos for something else but thought they were too good not to post. I still have a few Lithops in bud but I am not sure the flowers will open. This has happened to me in the past with optica rubra so I have moved one to my office where it is warmer than the greenhouse but the buds have elongated.
      I had buds on a coleorum last week but they did not open however there are other seedlings with buds
      I have some buds on some night flowering Conophytums which should not mind the low daytime light levels.