Monday 2 December 2013


I purchased this at the Mesemb event last year and it was already in leaf and eventually flowered. The growing instructions were to treat it like Conophytums so I gave some water towards the end of August without any result but after a further watering early in September I could not resist a peek and was pleased to find a small shoot.

Two weeks later and the leaves are developing.

One week later I think a bud is forming.

After two  more weeks

Two weeks later. Close up of bud and leaves.

End of October and the bud is starting to open.

Start of November.

Middle of November.

End of November.

Start of December.


  1. Strange, but beautiful plant! On the first pic it looks nearly dead. I think I would throw it away. :p lol

    1. I did wonder if the bulb would shoot again which is why I was moving the gravel away. The bud takes a long time to open.

  2. Neat plant Alain. I've never grown it but several Wash DC C&S society members have and I've seen it in their greenhouses. Taxonomically it's a bit distant from the mesembs, being in the hyacinth family, but culturally, another winter grower. The leaves are very nicely colored and textured. Does the flower have any fragrance?

    1. It does seem to grow well with Conophytums. A survey on the scent came up with Aloe vera/citrus.