Wednesday 5 February 2014



  1. Beautiful none the less.

    Alain I need your help. I'm scheduled to give a talk at the Washington D.C. C&S Society on mesembs and I'm going to cover the more or less commonly grown species. I've grown most but one genus I've never grown is conophytum. I want to suggest a species or two that presents the least difficulty in cultivation and is generally available from mail order sources. Can you make a few suggestions for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  2. I will give you a few just in case not all are available by mail order.Two of the larger species bilobum and frutescens are considered quite easy .[ ] But I think some of the well marked species taylorianum, [ ]
    pellucidum [ ] and lithopsoides [ ] are better to grow, Pellucidum flowers well and has a lot of variety.
    The small headed ones like comptonii are often considered more difficult.
    I hope that helps but if you want more please ask. Please mention the MSG at the talk. I think you should write for the bulletin.

  3. Thanks Alain, that will help me. I will mention the MSG and will have several of their Bulletins on display. With you permission I would also like to mention your blog on the talk. I going to mention Rika's blog also. I trying to drum up some interest in the mesembs at the society but I think they are an acquired taste. :) Thanks again.

  4. Of course you may mention the blog. Succulent sundae is also on facebook. I like Rika's blog. How can you not love Mesembs? I am sure you can win them over.