Monday 21 April 2014



  1. Neat plant Alain! Wow, if I were younger and weathy (for a big greenhouse) I could really enjoy collecting the asclepiadaceae family. What's the size (diameter) of the flowers? How strong is their fragrance? ;-) Beautiful color - I really like the dark purple/maroon. I have visited the asclepiadaceae collection of Dr. Gerald Barad in New Jersey several times and there are some really fabulous plants with fabulous flowers. Your plant is great. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. I do not keep my greenhouse warm enough to keep some Asclepiadaceae but this one does not seem to be a problem. I get tempted when I see the flowers to grow more. The flower is about 1cm across and I could not detect fragrance. If it is bad I normally know when I open the greenhouse door.