Thursday, 10 July 2014


Tony specialises in seed raising and recently has been concentrating on Lithops.


  1. Makes me want to go down into the basement and plant more succulent seeds! Very nice set of photographs of what appears to be a wonderful collection of relatively young plants. While I've often wish to have a relatively large greenhouse for growing lots of plants, I also know that it is a lot of work, and for hobbies involving living things, you just can't put it aside for a week or two when your interest wains a bit. Nice clean operation. I like nurseries that are neat and clean. I've certainly visited some that were just the opposite. :-) Thanks for the Tour Alain.

  2. Tony's greenhouse was well organised. His interest is raising plants from seed and most plants are for sale. I did buy some. I cannot resist Lithops seedlings. At least with succulents they can be left during a holiday without watering.