Sunday 9 November 2014



  1. Beautiful plant Alain. I've always liked L. aucampiae var. koelemanii. Vigorous plant with wonderful markings. Your plant has nice color and window patterns. I've brought my lithops inside and they are now beginning their long winter rest.

  2. I always like the look of a pot of aucampiae seedlings. I have a few Lithops still in flower and optica rubra just coming into bud.Last season optica did not flower until February. What is your weather like.

  3. We have been very pleasant for the past week with mostly sunny days and high temperatures between 65 and 70 F. There is a big push of cold air arriving tonight and we are forecast to have high temperatures in the 42 to 47 F. range for the next 10 days. Quite a change. This will give me a chance to test the heaters and thermostats in my outdoor frames. Do you routinely use the F. or C. temperature scale? I think the U.S. is one of the few, maybe the only, country still using the F. temperature scale. I don't know why we don't change, stubbornness I guess. At the university I always used the C scale in my research but the F. scale in my teaching, because the students weren't familiar enough with the C. scale. Take care. Bob

    1. Autumn has been mild so far with just one frost but that enabled me to ensure the heating was working OK. Here weather forecasts are in C and 0C sounds right for freezing but a lot of people think of higher temperatures in F. 90F sounds hotter than 32C. I will use measurements which are convenient inches or cms and on a national scale materials are sold in meters but road signs are in miles.So all mixed up.