Monday, 24 August 2015



  1. Hi Alain,

    I really like semps and yours look great. My semps never look that nice during the summer. Of course that could be because I don't give them as much water as I should, but they hang in there and look much better once the weather begins to cool down in the fall.

    I have plans to plant some of them directly in the ground in the new house landscape. The house faces south and I plan to develop a cactus and succulent border running along the driveway. I anticipate sempervivum playing an important part of this border planting. It looks like you have your plants in nice sized pots, which I think is best for semps. What's the white topdressing? Looks nice.

    1. Hi Bob

      My Semps. look better in the Summer. They get a bit bedraggled over Winter and need to be tidied up. Weeds and fallen leaves removed. Also new heads need to grow where they flowered the previous year.
      Your plans sound interesting. I look forward to seeing photos.
      The top dressing is Cornish grit