Monday, 18 January 2016



  1. Hi Alain. Is this photo recent, or one taken in the past. Would seem quite late for L. hookeri, or any lithops, to be flowering now. I have not been able to get use to the name hookeri. I am still suck with turbiniformis in my head. Interesting how when you first learn something it's often difficult to unlearn it. :) Very pretty plant. I like those with flowers that hide the producing plant. Nice. I have a request, could you show a few photos of your greenhouse and your plants within? I don't mind if the greenhouse is a little messy, and if you don't want such photos out in the public arena just send them to me in an email. Thank you. Your plants are so nice I just want to see the factory where they are produced. :)

    1. The photos were taken before Christmas. I have a few photos I did not publish last year but I thought too nice to leave. I still have optica to flower. I have had other requests to show the whole grrenhouse and thought I may take some photos in the Spring when it is less dull and grey.