Wednesday 4 May 2016



  1. This is really a pretty plant Alain. The leaf coloration is very nice. The flowers are a nice bonus. They're much more attractive than the rather boring haworthia flowers. I have several gasterias but don't give them the attention they deserve. I usually end up with a lot of leaf tip dieback from irregular watering. They survive of course, but they don't look their best due strictly to their care giver. Weather conditions here in the eastern US have been dreary, we have had 11 days of intermittent rain over the last 12 days with temperatures averaging 10 to 15 degrees F below average. Moss is beginning to grow on some of my cacti! Well, not really, but it seems that should be happening. Hope you are basking in lots of sunshine.

    1. It was the flowers that attracted me when I first bought this plant. I like Gasteria flowers but these are my favourite. At first I kept Gasterias under the staging but have found they like more light. The weather has gone from frost to mid 20s in a couple of days.