Thursday 24 October 2013


                                          Lithops dorotheae covered in flowers.

Lithops gesinae flowers looking like parasols.

Lithops comptonii. Small yellow and white flower. The plant is 2.5 cm. across.

Lithops lesliei each flower over 7cm across.

Lithops dorotheae  the flower opening before getting clear of the plant body.

They also come in white   Lithops fulviceps aurea.


  1. Great collection of lithops flowers Alain. If I remember correctly, I think one of the best single displays of lithops flowers I've ever had was also Lithops dorotheae. If I can find the photo I'll post it on my blog. While they are all nice, I think I like the bold white of L. fulviceps. Those are very nice looking flowers with the tight clumps of yellow stamens against the white petals.

    1. I would like to see your photo. As the dorotheae is only just above ground level the flowers completely covered the plant.