Monday, 6 June 2016


As I had knocked a leaf off an Adromischus when I set about putting the cutting in a pot I thought I would take a few photos of the progress of Adromoschus leaves rooting.

Adromischus cooperi

Adromischus marianae antidorcatum - new leaves.

Adromischus marianae herrei - new leaves developing.

Adromischus marianae  Little Spheroid - new plant


  1. Hi from Spain!!!

    I’m trying to propagate some leaves of adromischus cristata. I just put them on the soil a few weeks ago and they already got roots. My question is whether I should plant them properly, with the roots into the soil or just leave them till there’s a little growth. And should I put any water?

    Thanks very much!!!!


    1. Hi Silvia

      Conditions are a little different in the UK. I do not water my Adromischus over Winter but you may need to.

      I insert my cuttings into the soil and do not lay them on top.

      As they have roots I would just cover the roots with a little soil and repot when new leaves form.

      Good luck.