Thursday 23 June 2016



  1. If I had unlimited space and time, my science fiction thinking, would have a nice collection of asclepiads. They have such marvelous flowers and many flower over a very long time period. I only have two at present, Stapelia gigantea and Huernia lenewtonii, but would love to add a few more. How is the fragrance of Larryleachia cactiformis? I love the little colorful flowers. Thanks for sharing. p.s. I enjoyed the photos from Kew.

    1. I would like to grow more but find they need a little more Winter heat so they borrow the propagation mat for a while but that is not big. As there was a Stapelia obducta flowering at the same time I did not notice the 'fragrance'. Kew was fun although I do not think the public display of succulents are the best feature. When I there the alpines stole the show.