Sunday, 25 August 2013



  1. Very nice Alain. Astrophytums are great for flowering over a relatively long period, and the flowers certainly are big and attractive. Are you doing an pollinating? The last appears to be one of the Super Kabuto types, very attractive. I have several like this and have gotten some seed from then this summer. It's always fun to watch what comes up from the seed of this type.

  2. I have not produced seed on my plants for a while as my capacity for seed growing has been taken up with seed I have purchased.
    At the Mesemb. event [ held every two years ] someone sells a lot of hybrid Astrophytums and the last photo. is one of those. It is fun choosing from all the different ones available. I think if I produced my own I would end up with the same problem as with Lithops and I would want to keep them all.
    In the last BCSS journal Stuart Riley wrote a good article on Japanese Astrophytums. Stuart was at the Edenbridge show and I purchased a 'Onzuka' but he did not have many of those in article for sale.